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Recent Questions

is 7 years the longest fixed period available for an ARM?
by nolenlaure6754789242

i'm relocating for a job contract that's exactly 8 years so i'm trying to find out how to keep the payment as low as possible for that time. thinking ARM is the best way to go but i'm nervous about how much rates could be up that last year and drain me right before i have to...

4 answers
Dec 4th 2014
why does homes loans cost so much
by iwilllistentoyou177
2 answers
Dec 1st 2014
5/1 ARM from 2011
by dawcor374

We refinanced our home into a 5/1 adjustable rate FHA ARM January 2011, rate 3.625 and ARM becomes effect Jan 2016. It cannot go up by more than 1 percentage point per year. We currently owe $217k on this loan. We chose the ARM because we expected to sell our house and move...

4 answers
Nov 30th 2014
Should I refinance now & if yes which is best, Fixed Rate 30 yr or 7/1 a...
by swankster24700

Currently I have a 5/1 adjustable Mortage, $112,220.18 started 2.14.2006. my current intrest rate is 2. 7/8 on my 1st mtg and I have a baloon pmt due 2.14.2016 of $14,698.48 currently @ 7.6% since the inception of the loans. approx value of my home is $148,000. I'm hoping for...

2 answers
Nov 24th 2014
I am selling a rental home and will be the mortgagee. Is the capital ga...
by suncapri48298

I bought the house in 2001 for $99,800. and will close Jan. 2015.The sales price is $159,000. and I will finance $114,000. for 10 years. Thanks for any info.Regards, Al

2 answers
Nov 24th 2014
are these relevant lender questions
by lisa736

my lender asking why I use a cell phone and don't have a home phone number.my lender is demanding a letter explaining why "SSN being issued is a different state".

3 answers
Nov 24th 2014
Mortgage Insurance for $180.00/yr for $100,000.00 coverage
by monicaeholmes712

I'd like to purchase mortgage insurance so if something happens to my husband I would be able to stay in my home. He is 59 and I am 54 and we owe $136,000.00 on our home. Is this a good rate?Thank You.

2 answers
Nov 24th 2014
Where can I see a simple principle and interest table with a 25 year amo...
by Rwhitla934

Where can I see a simple principle and interest table with a 25 year amortization and rates from 4%

3 answers
Nov 22nd 2014
Is there a time limit for lenders filing a claim with HUD for mortgage r...
by nascarinmissouri837

After a bankruptcy or foreclosure on a mortgage when a lender has to file a claim to recover the rest of their loss is there a there a time limit or expiration on when the claim must be filed with HUD?

This question has not yet been answered.
Nov 22nd 2014
for a reverse mortgage should I get an adjustable rate or a fixed rate?
by maryjoschrd710

I do not want the loan interres rate of a reverse mortgage to get out of control. the salesman says a fixed rate is not good for a reverse mortgage.

2 answers
Nov 18th 2014
how do i getout of a contract from a home loan.--
by giselerenaud263

the bank had approved me for fha, then change it to conventional and I don't have enough money for conventional

3 answers
Nov 18th 2014
My adjustable rate loan is based upon the 6 month LIBOR plus 3.7 percent...
by sdccmsj861

Refinanced load in 2007 at Wilmington Financial at an adjustable rate of 6.7%, but based upon the LIBOR plus 3.7% as the basis. The terms were fixed for the first 24 months, then would adjust every six months, starting in April 2009. Looking now at the LIBOR rates, they...

1 answers
Nov 17th 2014
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