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Recent Questions

Refinance or Home equity loan
by loverbun53539

I have equity in my home, I tried to get a refinance but was turned down. So I applied for a home equity loan and also turned downed because of my credit score of 657. I truly need money from my equity to repair my roof, what can I do?

4 answers
Apr 21st 2015
That sounds like a legal question you should really consult an attorney
by speedlad501
This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 20th 2015
purchase date on April 22 daline
by carlos1951121

The seller does not want to give us a extention date of 5 days more after April 22 to complete the purchase of the house.the contract is good until April 22 midnight.can we be sued for imcompletion Of the contract?thanks

This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 20th 2015
Can I sue my lender???
by aarpco449

Call me.

1 answers
Apr 18th 2015
I need a lawyer in the state of N.J.( south west) at the end of the tur...
by aarpco449

Over a year ago a 10 year note came due on my house. They will not modify or negotiate. It's been transferred a few times.

1 answers
Apr 18th 2015
What are the Risks of using a Gift Letter?
by kmjazi7613

A family member pays off a mortgage on a condo to reduce the debt/income ratio for purpose of qualifying for a loan for a new house. The actual down payment and closing costs funds are fully covered by the hard earned money of the person applying for the loan. The only...

1 answers
Apr 17th 2015
Loan Offer
by david.moyesfinancial0748

Are you seeking for financial assistance of any kind? We are a private loan firm that provides all types of loan/funding for all those whodesire for financial aid. If interested please give us a feedback with loan amount needed and purpose for loan as well as...

This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 13th 2015
I have an in home occupation
by lindjim109

Can I get a reverse mortgage if I have an in home occupation

This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 11th 2015
How long does a cash out refinance take to process?
by elflauta210

It's been a month and all we have done is fill out a few papers and send in documents. We did have to drop all disputes from the credit reports, but that has been done. No appraisal yet. I hardly ever get a call or e-mail from my broker. Is no news good news? I assume that they are...

4 answers
Apr 9th 2015
nationstar mortgage misapplied payments, returned my payment to my bank...
by jdeborahlynn135

Nationstar got my mortgage from bank of am in july 2013. in march 2015 they sent a letter stating that I was 8 months behind and they returned my march payment. I sent them the history of my payments since I have been with them. they stated I missed 8 payments in 2013 with...

4 answers
Apr 8th 2015
Harp loan
by Tony_lirette718

My sister has a harp loan through Wells Fargo. It will shortly adjust upward in the near future. Can you refinance the harp loan into a more conventional loan? The harp is a first loan and there is no second.

1 answers
Apr 2nd 2015
I was denied a modification can I call Fannie Mae or Freddie mack would ...
by rgrant1031493
This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 2nd 2015
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