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Recent Questions

When will you be qualified for a mortgage refinancing after loan modific...
by Anaza5r17517

Hi! Will I still be able to refinance after loan modification through either FHA or Any government modification program? I have a rare case with my Lender in terms of what they say we owe when in fact that we were never behind on our monthly dues. This problem occurred...

1 answers
Mar 31st 2015
If I were to steamline my existing FHA , would the time that I am requir...
by Wjvsr17

Current bal $177000 / original bal $189000 Interest rate is at 4.75 / 30yr fixedOrigination of loan January 2011Appraisal at origination $210000

2 answers
Mar 28th 2015
feel free to give me a call at 919 655 5461
by jb259
This question has not yet been answered.
Mar 27th 2015
I will qualify for a direct loan and wish to relocate! Health reasons an...
by sonyricky567
This question has not yet been answered.
Mar 26th 2015
I would move on.
by trglassman211
This question has not yet been answered.
Mar 24th 2015
will bank give me a fha loan on a home with open permits, dry rot, etc
by ronniec0016843

Hi I am interested in a home that is a short sale sold as is, the realtor tells me that it has open permits because of a fence that was not installed properly that it poses a threat because it has a unscreened pool, also a unpermitted garage conversion with questionable...

1 answers
Mar 24th 2015
Should I refinance my FHA loan to get rid of PMI?
by schetselaar649

I bought my home in March 2012 and didn't have any money for a down payment. Because of this I was able to get in with an FHA loan but I have to pay PMI. Right now I'm paying nearly $200 a month on PMI. I've called around and it sounds like I could refinance with a conventional...

3 answers
Mar 24th 2015
Why can't I get a third modification from PNC?
by Karqu101712

Our hardships are behind us and we can now afford our monthy payments, but our modification keeps getting turned down.

This question has not yet been answered.
Mar 23rd 2015
no mortgage house paid in full
by alfredov66941
4 answers
Mar 22nd 2015
what are the consequences of using a two fam. house as a one fam. house ...
by alfredov66941

l live in a two fam house but l do not rent , is there any problems in doing this come sale time.

2 answers
Mar 22nd 2015
Can I lower the realtors commission if I help sell my house?
by barbmark525

If my house sells because of my own advertising but am also using a realtor, can the realtors commission be reduced?

2 answers
Mar 21st 2015
property settlement claim check sent to mortgage company
by sharon1963014507

We have a property claim settlement check that was sent to my mortgage company and sent invoices for materials. the mortgage company will not release any funds for the materials we purchased until they see some repairs made. we need some of the money for the materials...

1 answers
Mar 21st 2015
Do outbuilding insurance claim checks include mortgage company as payee.
by gus2943

Old barn fell from weight of snow. Called insurance company and they are sending a check. Not planning to rebuild. Do I get money or does mortgage company?

1 answers
Mar 20th 2015
Mortgage Insurance
by cohenlr40810

I purchased 2 rental properties in 2005 that tanked and after 7 years of paying for homes worth 1/2 the original amount, I was forced to shortsale. In the end what was the benefit to the lender and myself of having that mortgage insurance that I paid for all those years....

This question has not yet been answered.
Mar 18th 2015
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