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Recent Questions

Lowering your mortgage term can always be a very good option. Please con...
by jim30
This question has not yet been answered.
Jan 15th 2015
Shall I refinance now? What rate shall I expect w/o closing cost for 15 ...
by vimalengineer162

I have about $232K left on mortgage since June 2014 - Currently, I have 4.125% for 30 years fixed mortgage. I am planning to refinance w/ 15 years fixed. Is this good time to refinance now? What rate shall I expect w/o closing cost for 15 years fixed mortgage...

4 answers
Jan 15th 2015
Reverse Morgage
by hottoddee672

My parents' home is paid off. They are both deceased. I need money fast. I'll run out in about months. My mother (who passed January 8th) has willed the house to me. I've been living in it since 1996. A woman at AAG estimated the home's value at $230,000 (a formal appraisal...

3 answers
Jan 15th 2015
What about Capital Gains tax?
by hottoddee672

My parents paid off the mortgage to their house long ago. Both are now deceased. My mother's will says the house belongs to me. If I sell it without having paid anything to the mortgage myself, will I get hit with a Capital Gains tax?

1 answers
Jan 14th 2015
Can I sell my mother's home
by hottoddee672

My father passed away in 1998. My mother recently passed. The mortgage on their house is paid in full. She has willed the house to me. Can I sell it now or must I get it transferred to my name first.

1 answers
Jan 14th 2015
Does having my mother's home probated to me make me the owner of the home
by lambersfisher815

My mother died, my step-father was named executor, he went through probate and gave me 100% share of their rental property. I am not able to maintain it, it will go into foreclosure. Will I be considered the "owner" and thus the foreclosure be considered mine (because...

2 answers
Jan 14th 2015
Need more money to finish remodel.
by bobbirs669

We recently inherited a duplex that was owned by my in-laws. We took out a home equity loan of $55,000.00 to make improvements and convert to a single family home. We ran into a lot of structural issues that we had not planned for which ate up most of the budget. Now we have a...

3 answers
Jan 11th 2015
Home remodel loan question
by lklane12

I am selling my primary residence, was planning on using my equity to remodel the family home I am inheriting. Primary residence hasn't sold, I need to get some sort of loan to remodel while house is on market?I need ~150k, would have that in equity once the house sold.

2 answers
Jan 9th 2015
Loan HAMP Modification/ Wells Fargo
by jsher42506985

I have been working on a Loan Modification as well with Wells Fargo for several months as well. (and it has been a Nightmare). Every time I turn around after faxing paperwork I am being assigned a new point of contact, as it seems there is alot of turnover in there offices....

1 answers
Jan 6th 2015
Loan with tax Id.
by wosava1963684

I wan to bay a hpouse but just i have Tax Id. can I ? Ive been working for 10 years in the same place, my wife is US citicen.

This question has not yet been answered.
Jan 5th 2015
I have a 15 year mortgage with about 11 years remaining. I'm looking fo...
by paul.ohara395

Approximate assessed home value between $475,000 and $500,000Outstanding primary mortgage is $300,000.No secondary mortgage.Excellent credit.I'm looking for lenders that offer higher LTV ratios (cash out - $150,000)Willing to refinance with longer term...

3 answers
Jan 5th 2015
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