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Are there any 100% financing programs available outside of VA and USDA?

Like any niche products for teachers?
By g5frank9403675 from PA Apr 9th 2014

There are down payment assistance programs in PA. I pasted the link below. What area are you looking in ? Much of PA is eligible for USDAhttp://www.phfa.org/consumers/homebuyers/homestead.aspxYou can reach me at [email protected] if you'd like

Apr 10th 2014

There are some niche programs out there where lenders portfolio their offerings. What area(s) are you interested in? We can be reached at 412.559.4030 phone or text.

Apr 10th 2014

There are likely Down Payment assistance programs available to you in your area. These programs typically have income limits and require you to be a "First Time Home Buyer". If you google your State's Bond program, it will give you a list of experienced lenders that participate in this program.

Apr 12th 2014

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