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can a co-op get a reverse mortgage?

when i refinanced my co-op apartment several years ago, it was appraised at approximately $1,000,000. realtors have now upped that figure to $1,750,000. i am 70 years old and seriously interested in a reverse mortgage.
By kldurbin135 from NY Oct 14th 2014
by kldurbi...

Can you respond to my query:Can I get a reverse mortgage with my co-op apartment?

Oct 14th 2014

I would be more than happy to assist you with information regarding a reverse mortgage and if it make sense for you... email me at tliolos@paragonhomeloans.com or call my office at (716) 932-7896 x101

Oct 14th 2014

Unfortunately you cannot get a reverse mortgage on a coop. If you would like to see if refinancing will save you money since interest rates have dropped, please let me know at kakpabla@warshawcapital.com.

Oct 14th 2014

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