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Can a fha mortgage be with an LLC Corporation

By may4hp914 from CA Nov 17th 2014

nope but it can be under a trustPouyan Broukhim---PB Financial Group Corp323-935-5555 x 102 Office866-318-4471 Direct Faxinfo@pbfinancialgrp.comhttp://www.pbfinancialgrp.com/borrowers.phpPB Financial Group Corp 357614Pouyan Broukhim 348736

Nov 17th 2014


Nov 17th 2014

no. fha loans are only for a real live human.........

Nov 17th 2014

No FHA loan is designed for a single individual. Fannie Freddie Ginnie will not do any conventional loans under an LLC.

Nov 17th 2014

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