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can i get an fha loan on a modular home to be placed on property that I own that already has a house on it?

I have a 10 acre piece of land with a 1000 sq ft house on it. I moved out of it and bought another house because i needed more space for my growing family. My family is now outgrowing our second house. I have been renting the 10 acre house and want to know if I can get an FHA refi or loan to incorporate the remaining balance of my conventional loan, into placing a modular home on the 10 acre property without demolishing my other home. My plan is to incorporate the two houses onto one property and have my renters essentially pay my mortgage, or most of it.
By darkpreston966 from MI May 13th 2015

It will be difficult. You have a few different factors there. 1st thing I would do is confrim the property is even zoned to have 2 homes on the same parcel. Once you clear that hurdle I would talk with a local lender that works on construction to permanent financing to see what they will and won't be able to do with the old house staying and working with it as a 2 unit FHA loan.

May 13th 2015

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