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Can I qualify for VA streamline refi with a 612 credit score?

By ursula.vale.carpenter8087271 from MO Feb 5th 2014

there are likely lenders who can help, most will require a 620 or higher.

Feb 5th 2014

yes you can!

Feb 5th 2014

There may be some lenders that can... is 612 your Fico or mid-score?

Feb 5th 2014

We can do a streamline for you with a 612 score but most everybody else will want a 620

Feb 5th 2014

We can do an IRRL for you but most lenders will require a 620

Feb 5th 2014

Yes you can. Feel free to contact me as we are local and can meet in person. Jamie 913-871-2005

Feb 5th 2014

II am also local, office in Riverside, and can help you qualify with a 612 score.

Feb 5th 2014

There are a few outlets for sub 620 scores. We work with Sunwest Mortgage on these. They do not work directly with the borrower however.

Feb 7th 2014

Yes we can do a VA Streamline down to 600. Just give me a call at 314-703-7200 or go online and submit and online application. Just click on the link or copy cut and paste. https://1247715639.secure-loancenter.com/WebApp/FullAppLogin.aspx

Feb 21st 2014

Yes we can do a VA streamlines down to 600. If you would like give me a call at 314-703-7200 or go to your online application link.https://1247715639.secure-loancenter.com/WebApp/FullAppLogin.aspxJust click on the link or copy and paste in your browser. USA is the largest mortgage banker in Missouri and I can help you. Thank you Dennis Sauerwein

Feb 21st 2014

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