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Can I receive Ocama Care help if I need to refinance my Heloc (the only loan on my primary residence home?

Dear Mr. Keith Gumbinger,Please help me. My ex husband and I took 5 years ago Home Equity Line of Credit with PNC for $450,000. We've paid our principal mortgage. We've divorced for almost 3 years. Through equitable distribution I am the sole owner of the home. I have been paying on my own for the life time of Home Equity Line of Credit. Out of spite, my ex husband went to court and filled a motion to sell my home because his name is on the loan and I have agreed to remove his name, refinance or I would need to sell it. Through constant litigation (his wife is a lawyer so they take me to court for made up reasons all the time) and lock of time (I have to take care of my family and my elderly mom 82) I wasn't able to do it. I thought I was because I've applied for loan modification and getting rid of his name from new loan but I was given better terms but his name is still on the loan. I don't have much means to live on and judge ordered to sell my home. How can I receive Obama Care to refinance to keep my home of 17 years or any other help. Please help me Mr. Keith Gumbinger not to loose my hope and thank you very much for your assistance in this horrible situation for my family and me.Ana
By anita979 from NJ Mar 19th 2014

Hello AnitaWhy don't you give me a call and we will go over all of your details.Sharon 732 606 6264

Mar 19th 2014

Sounds like you need a good modification agent. Cindy Hullet - [email protected] / (951) 299-8033

Mar 19th 2014

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