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can i refience in house is worth 290000 owe 359000 its fa loan its with owen

By redken1111412 from RI Aug 25th 2014

Contact me directly offline. Steven@CreativeFinancingOptionsGroup.com and let me know if you mean FHA as you noted "FA" and not sure what that is.

Aug 25th 2014

Let's say you could, why would you? A good analysis of what you could rent for vs. the current mortgage is suggested. Then ask yourself how much you could save over the next X years if you rented instead of stayed in that home? Many people are finding out that the real estate recovery past them by and loan modification just buys time, but results in the same, a tax deductible rental. You might consider what a strategic default might look like financially.

Aug 25th 2014

If it is an FHA loan value is not an issue on a streamline. Call me at 888-623-3315 to get that lowered into the 3% rangeThanksKevin WhiteENG LendingNMLS # 385583

Aug 25th 2014

If you currently have a FHA or VA loan the answer is yes. You can do without an appraisal.If your home is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, I would be happy to see if it is eligible.My contact information is located on my profile. Feel free to reach out to me if I may be of assistance.

Aug 27th 2014

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