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can i refience my morg if i owe 35900 but house worth 290000 i dont fa loan

By redken1111412 from RI Aug 25th 2014

It depends on the type of loan you have and being able to qualify based on all other guidelines. I can refer you to someone locally to figure out what you can do if you reach me offline. My email is Steven@CreativeFinancingOptionsGroup.com and I am in Massachusetts, but can refer you to someone very qualified to help you in Pawtucket, RI. Thank you!

Aug 25th 2014

Hi if you had the mortgage and is under the fannie mae and freddie mac HARP prior to 2009 then you may qualify to do this under HARP Obama program I would need more info to tell you yes or no so call me Robert Oliveira Province Mortgage in Providence RI 508 802 0935 my email is robertoliveira51@gmail.com . A little info and I can tell you yes or no on phone.

Aug 25th 2014

Steven is correct, the type of loan you have determines your options. If it is not FHA or VA, it will have to be a HARP eligible loan - or you can check with your current lender about options. Good luck!

Aug 25th 2014

Let's say you could, why would you? A good analysis of what you could rent for vs. the current mortgage is suggested. Then ask yourself how much you could save over the next X years if you rented instead of stayed in that home? Many people are finding out that the real estate recovery past them by and loan modification just buys time, but results in the same, a tax deductible rental. You might consider what a strategic default might look like financially.

Aug 25th 2014

Hi redken, we all need a little more info, maybe you are HARP eligible, although surprised that your current lender/servicer has not already reached out to you, we need to know what kind of loan you have , how loan you have owned the home,and your credit scores to really give you an accurate idea of what can and can't be done....anyone of us would be happy to help

Aug 26th 2014

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