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I was out of the country for 10-years and completely forgot about my student loans. Upon return to the USA I immediately paid them in full. There is still a record on the CAIVRS Sytem regarding the default. How long does it take to fall off, how do I get it off? My overall credit rating is in the high 700's, with one being 818, but I cannot get my VA loan approved with this on the CAIVRS. What should I do?
By michaelblair1952670 from TX Jun 17th 2014

Your loan processor should be able to forward the proof of zero balance to the lender, who will then clear the record. If the current lender is not responsive, contact me at 503-620-2239.

Jun 17th 2014

If you have proof that you paid off the student loans then there shouldn't be an issue. You can contact me at www.TexasLoanResource.com

Jun 17th 2014

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