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do lenders finance fannie loans for 3.5% down?

By traci.kalan3279722 from LA Feb 27th 2014

No. Fannie Mae eliminated the 3% down program. FHA allows for 3.5% down or you could look into VA or USDA for 100% options (if your eligible). For more information you can visit my website at www.LALending.net

Feb 27th 2014

No, with a Fannie Mae loan you must have at least 10 percent down with mortgage insurance, 20 percent down to avoid mortgage insurance. The FHA program is available for homeowners that wish to put as little as 3.5 percent down.

Feb 27th 2014

Traci,There are CRA programs that allow for 3% down on a conventional loan. If you get in touch with me and I get a bit more detail about your situation I can advise if you may qualify. But the answer to your question is that there are a few limited programs out there for 3% down conventional loans. I'm happy to help with the financing or just give you advice. If you need more information, or a competing rate quote call, email or use my live support button to discuss or get in touch with me. Web Address for live chat or quote is: http://www.loansfromrob.com/quote/ Email is robertlh66@verizon.net and direct phone is 240-752-7549. Good Luck -- Rob Hanson

Feb 28th 2014

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