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does FHA approve loans on manufactured homes with additions that have permits and added on up to code? this is in CA

By farful5744123876 from OH Aug 16th 2014

yes , and i have a great fha loan officer in california

Aug 16th 2014

Fha lenders are quite plentiful. The number of lenders that will fund manufactured home loans are significantly limited. Toss in a couple wrinkles like credit score or debt-to-income ratio constraints and a borrower may have real problems securing an approval. So, be careful. Most loan officets love to tell folks "sure, no problem ". However they are really just trying to pad their pipeline in the hopes that they can close another loan and fatten their paycheck. The problem with that however is you waste a great deal of time and get nothing other than frustrated. Let me know if you'd like my help.

Aug 18th 2014

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