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Down Payment Assistance

Can my daughter receive down payment assistance I through a program if my husband and I are going to gift her a substantial sum of money for the down payment as well?
By Lauraliz01319 from CO Jun 17th 2015

Yes she can as long as she qualifies for the program of course. There are a few really good down payment assistance programs available in Colorado. However, in this situation it is best to look at every scenario to see what one is going to be the best option for her. The down payment assistance programs are great and most in Colorado are grants that never have to be paid back, but they do come at a cost with higher interest rates and higher closing costs. I'm a local loan officer in Colorado and I can answer any questions that you may have. You can also look up further information on a couple down payment assistance programs at www.mylendersean.com or call me at 303-521-7169. Best wishes, Sean

Jun 17th 2015

The short answer is yes she can if she qualifies.

Jun 18th 2015

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