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How much does a refinance cost?

By nessa2121866 from CA Jan 15th 2015

hi, it depends on loan amount, terms and credit score. If you give us that info. it can be no cost to $2500 cost. Yogesh Shah - 714-936-5300

Jan 15th 2015

Enter a reply Closing costs vary depending on loan size and the state you are in, but usually between $2000 - $3000.here

Jan 15th 2015

Loans can be set up without any cost at all as the Closing Cost are Lender paid by adjusting the interest rate. Interest rates are down and perhaps going down further. Just this week we closed a loan with no cost at 3.75% on a 30 year loan. Call for your own quote and options. Direct Line 805.530.1199

Jan 15th 2015

It depends on your loan amount,loan to value , credit score, income and assets.

Jan 16th 2015

it can be $0 it depends on your overall credit profile and a few other factors. Call us to get an accurate quote 858-663-0472Thank you

Jan 16th 2015

The costs are generally similar to when you purchase a home, except that any transfer taxes and similar are not applicable and often there is a "reissue" credit which lowers the mortgage insurance costs. Also, you have options in selecting your rate where at a slightly higher rate the lender can pay those costs for you through an offsetting credit. For example, sometimes $20-30/mo higher payment is a good trade off for not increasing the balance you owe on the house. I'd be happy to give you an estimate. Just click my profile to access my contact info. Keep in mind that rates vary from day to day, and sometimes change (very slightly) several times in the same day.

Jan 17th 2015

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