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I have a rental property I can no longer afford - what can I do given the market

Can I just raise rent given my area (Lansing)?
By willsinlansing2394798993 from MI Apr 21st 2014

I would talk to a Realtor that is in touch with the Rental Market. An experienced Realtor to talk to you about all your options in terms of Market Rent and Market Value if you were also considering selling. I happen to work with a Realtor that is an expert in BOTH of these areas if you'd like to talk with her. Kylie Fineis @ 517-492-3470. Good Luck.

Apr 21st 2014

I agree with Mike S.But also you may want to ask your renter to purchase the property.

Apr 21st 2014

Talk to a realtor and perhaps contact your bank about their modification program via HAMP. Also you may be able to look at short sale options.Lending Nationwide. VA, FHA, USDA, FNMA, FMAC, Reverse, Commercial, SBA, Jumbo. 877 890 3892 / [email protected]onalbank.com

Apr 21st 2014

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