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I own one home outright and have a loan on a second home where my son resides and makes payments. Can I refinance the second home for a better interest rate?loan

Excellent credit (close to 800). No other outstanding debt. Does it make a difference if it is not my primary residence but rather a second home, if I don't owe anything on my primary residence?
By Ingber936186 from NE Jul 30th 2014

we can do that as a 2nd home, with no hit to the rate. you can see more on the products at www.superjumboloans.info and or contact us via chat, email or phone to discuss.

Jul 30th 2014

Yes. Call me for a rate. 866-970-3400 x5135

Jul 30th 2014

hi: Yes you may does not matter if primary home or not. Your rate might be better on refinancing the primary if you choose to take that route but I can give u a comparison on rates/programs etc... I wanted to ask what the loan to value (amt owed vs estimated value) on that 2nd home ? You sound like an excellent vanilla borrower. Let us know how we may earn your business. Lending Nationwide (Mike 703 505 5300) NMLS 754875

Jul 30th 2014

Based on the information you listed, it wounds like should be able to refinance the loan as a second home without a problem.

Jul 30th 2014

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