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i want to buy a house with my friend - he is not VA eligible but i am

we'd like to buy together but are not married. is it still possible to get a VA loan?
By allaflorencia3786959 from TN Jun 6th 2014

Yes you can provided certain criteria are met. Please feel free to contact me for a confidential analysis. Brian DawsonCole Taylor Mortgage614-375-1754bdawson@ctmtg.com

Jun 6th 2014

If your friend has VA eligibility it's possible, with VA approval, to use a portion of both veterans eligibility; however, finding a lender to allow that may be hard to find. If your in TN or KY, please give me a call to discuss further (931) 551-8999).

Jun 6th 2014

Yes, it is possible but there are some caveats to consider because only the Veteran's portion of the loan will be "guaranteed" by the VA but as long as the calculation (which can be done by a VA mortgage professional) is enough to cover the loan for 100% financing you would be just fine. I'd be more than happy to help you take a look at this. Our office is located next to Fort Knox so we do a large share of VA loans. Call me at 502-272-4461 and I'd be happy to help.Ryan Wheeler

Jun 6th 2014

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