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If the buyer has not signed the contract am I legally bound to still sell to them?

I am selling my house without an agent. My lawyer is handling the deal. I accepted an offer and shook hands but not ask for a deposit. Ten days later the buyers have not signed the contract but want an appraiser to look over the house. They have been through the house 3 times and have nitpicked everything, I am tired and want to move on and sell to anyone else. Am I legally bound to follow through since they have not signed the contract?
By allan.d.myers.mil700 from NE Nov 6th 2014

Move on, no contract no performance. Moving on and if you need a mortgage on your next property give me a call 800- 485-1387 Ext. 116 or email [email protected] bankofengland1.com . Good z Luck.

Nov 6th 2014

Without a signed sales contract, there is no binding agreement.

Nov 7th 2014

No contract no obligation. Move on.

Nov 7th 2014

While shaking hands can create an "implied contract" only an actual fully executed contract can be binding. If by now they haven't' signed a contract its time to move on and find another buyer!

Nov 7th 2014

talk to your lawyer and move on

Nov 7th 2014

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