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Is there a fee charged or any other obligation if I complete the online application?

By hop_young453 from CA Jan 30th 2014

No. There is no charge to fill out the application. Just go to http://omnifund.net/quote.asp and follow the step from there. Feel free to contact me directly as well. 619-785-3888 Dan Conley

Jan 30th 2014

No. Several lenders may compete for your business.

Jan 30th 2014

there is no fee. Just go to http://www.esqloans.comNext step would be a general consultation and if we determine that you are a good candidate and your Loan would most likely be approved then we take a formal application. Fees are only charged on the approved application. you could email me at: [email protected]

Jan 30th 2014

No fee to complete an online application. I do suggest a direct call. Many times a refinance is not in your best interest but that depends on information gathered in a conversation. Saves you time! Fee l free to call me at 619-669-5518

Jan 30th 2014

We don't charge a fee!I would recommend limiting the number of applications you fill out to 1 or 2 lenders only. to make sure your credit isn't over shopped, which can hurt you credit score.Call us were easy to talk to:888-400-0433 x [email protected]

Jan 30th 2014

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