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Modification woes with Wells Fargo...........

after several attempts to modify,, and denied all 3 times, we tried HUD RI housing, on advice of 2nd Mod Specialist. Started on April 20th, 2015 (All thought this has been ALL going on since Dec. 2013) w/ RI Housing..fit all of the criteria for HAMP to lower mtg. from 1502 down to 864...then told by Wells Fargo on June 11, 2015 that they are not required to participate in the HAMP program!Any advice ?? Unless there could be a miracle, my house will have a foreclosure sale date on it soon.....Thank you,Deb Brancodbranco1@cox.net
By dbranco1582 from RI Jul 5th 2015

I would check with your states attorney general's office for help or state banking commission for advice. Jbennett@riverviewbankpa.com

Jul 9th 2015

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