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options for a refinance?

i want to refinance just for the lower rate. Currently in an fha 30 yr fixed mortgage and at 74% LTV. FICO score somewhere around 690-700. Never missed a loan payment etc. If I can do a program without MI that would be great
By 2slenswitzer7462652 from TX Jun 23rd 2014

Hello,Based upon the brief information, it does sound like I can provide you with a lower rate and no MI. Please call me so that we my discuss your options. 214-886-2898Regards,Kirsten FleenorSr. Loan Officerk_fleenor@swbell.net

Jun 23rd 2014

HelloNot sure if you are still interested. I would like to look at your loan scenario in more detail. Call me at 214-886-2898.Thanks,Kirsten FleenorSr. Loan Officerk_fleenor@swbell.net

Jun 25th 2014

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