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social security number

how foolish are you to require a social security number on line / whenever a social security number is requested i cancel the rate quote / a lot of wasted time /// frank
By fjjekle975 from NC Sep 18th 2014

feel free to call me at 1-855-QUOTE-RATE (855-786-8374) For a no hassle rate quote. I will not ask your date of birth - social or last name if you wish not to provide. It will be a quote based on the information you provide

Sep 18th 2014

mis-typed phone number855-786-8372

Sep 18th 2014

To get a rate quote, the social security number is not required. Only if you decide to apply for a mortgage will the social security number be needed. If you are looking for a local mortgage rate quote, feel free to contact me. Our company is locally owned in Raleigh. (Contact: chad@mortgagewithchad.net or 919-218-1419).

Sep 18th 2014

That sounds like a scam to me. you can get a free quote from our private banking network with out a name. we just need a loan amount and value. we start at 2% interest only for any terms and go up from there depending on the term. see www.superjumboloans.info for more info

Sep 18th 2014

Call me 919.524.6651. I do not need a social for a quote.

Sep 18th 2014
by fjjekle975

wonderful can i get a rate quote , investment property , bank appraised $360k , owe $260k , $100k equiry /// would like to refinance at 100% LTV with a interest only loan /// frank ps if this loan goes thru i have another (my residence) property to refinance thanks for you prompt responce

Sep 18th 2014

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