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some lenders will allow the non borrowing spouse to have just a ITIN #. Let me know if I can help. Email me anna@pmccanhelp.com.

By anna183 from WA Aug 7th 2015

if you are a non borrowing spouse, than you are not going on the loan. Washington is a community property state and you will only go on title to the property. NO SS would be required in this circumstance.

Aug 7th 2015

Hi Anna, there is no problem having a non-borrowing spouse that just has an ITIN, as that person is not going to be on the loan. Spousal credit will need to be pulled and any debts of the non-borrowing spouse will need to be added to the debt to income calculations, unless it is a conforming conventional loan; then spousal credit is not required. Paul is correct.

Aug 8th 2015

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