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what is the minimum credit score this company will work with?

minimum credit score
By tkluvsanimals352 from AZ May 15th 2014

We provide financing with a 600 fico score if you would like more information give us a call at 602-531-7040.

May 15th 2014

W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC provides financing with credit scores down to 620 however, I also know of other lenders that have a 500 credit score requirement. Please let me know if I can help you or if you would like a referral. Mike Hengy 480-382-4661 mike.hengy@wjbradley.com www.mikehengy.com

May 15th 2014

Minimum credit score requirements are going to vary depending on the type of loan program. But we would potentially be able to help you with credit scores as low as 580. If you would like, give me a call and we can do a full analysis of your credit to determine how we can best help you. Respectfully,Kevin KellyAmerifirst Financial480-289-7632

May 15th 2014

We work with a 620 minimum credit score and I'm local here in Scottsdale. Some lenders will offer 580 or 550 as minimum scores, but these loans can be difficult to qualify for. Give me a call if you want to discuss or have any further questions.

May 15th 2014

I can help you down to a 580 credit score, depending on the circumstances. Although, the guidelines (investor overlays) become far less cumbersome at a 620 credit score. Call me and I'd be happy to help! Jarrod - 801-750-3998, or email: jarrod.mcomie@snmc.com

May 15th 2014

We lend down to a 530 middle credit score on VA loans and FHA loans, 620 on conventional loans and 580 on USDA loans. Let's discuss your loan scenario in more detail. Contact me at 800 315 8803. My name is Jamie and I have been in the mortgage business since 1989. I am happy to answer your mortgage questions, 7 days a week and review your loan scenario. Until then, I look forward to hearing from you. Jamie Lynne - www.bartprequalifies.com - email Jamie@bartprequalifies.com - 800 315 8803

May 16th 2014

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