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what is the mortage payment for a $275,000.00 home with a 673 credit rating

By frank.robles812 from FL Feb 3rd 2014

Please give me a call as I need some additional information.732 606 6264

Feb 3rd 2014

More info will be needed, what is the loan to value? FHA rate or conventional rate? What is the loan amount? 30 year fixed? purchase or refinance?

Feb 3rd 2014

Or you can call or email usCall us or email us at 800-991-5309 or Team@BestMortgageOption.com for ano cost no obligation analysis of your situation ask for Michelle or Benny. We will find the Best Mortgage Option to suit your needs! Check us out at www.BestMortgageOption.comAsk us about the awesome discounts we offer heroes as a Homes for Heroes affiliate!

Feb 3rd 2014

Fha, Va, Usda or conventional and down payment please. Im a full service lender, not a correspondent lender or broker. No broker fees, no origination, no discount points. No application or credit Bureau fee. Call me to do a free application or complete at www.firstfloridafin.com and I will call you back. General rule of thumb on your general question is the payment should be about $50.00 for every 10,000. so 27.5 x $50.00. $1375.00. That will give you an idea, if not there are calculators on my web site. I look forward to speaking

Feb 3rd 2014

Frank, I have calculated a base payment for you under a conventional mortgage. I am assuming you won't be going FHA. However, I cannot complete the entire payment without knowing if you are including taxes and insurance into your payment and if there is a Home Owner Association that needs to be added. Having the amount for a home and the credit score is a good start but to be absolutely positive there are more questions that need answers. Contact me for the payment information if you are ready to proceed. I would be happy to assist you with your mortgage needs. Thank you!

Feb 3rd 2014

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