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what kind of purchase would qualify for a mortgage interest rate deduction?

By laurenelmer08654845 from MI Apr 2nd 2014

I do not understand you're question. Please call Jack at 734-395-9027

Apr 2nd 2014

I'm assuming you are referring to a Tax Deduction. Interest on a primary residence can qualify as a deduction. You will need to speak to the person who prepares your taxes however to ensure you can do take the deduction.

Apr 2nd 2014

If you are referring to a lower interest rate - you can pay interest up front to reduce your interest rate. You could also go on a shorter term mortgage such as a 15 year fixed to get a lower interest rate. In order to write off interest on tax returns you would need to speak to an accountant. Carri Goldring 248-420-4524 [email protected]

Apr 2nd 2014

Any interest you pay on a mortgage is tax deductible.

Apr 2nd 2014

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