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What would it cost me to lock for 60 days

By letshunt991 from CA Nov 20th 2014

It's a cost against the loan amount.. without knowing your loan amount, I cant say.. but in general, it's about $250 for every $100,000 financed.. Some lenders will be higher, and some lower.. some will say they don't charge anything (BS), but trust me, your paying.. The standard lock time for most lenders is between 10 to 15 days.. everything over that is at a cost. I'm a Broker here in Scottsdale AZ and I only lend in Arizona. If you or someone you know is looking for financing options, feel free to contact me or pass along my information. William J. Acres, Lender411's number ONE lender in Arizona. 480-287-5714 WilliamAcres.com

Nov 20th 2014

I am going to reword your question: How much more than the normal 30 day lock would it cost me to lock for 60 days?For a 30 year, fixed rate, conforming loan: This can be as low as 1/4% more but to be cautious allow 3/8%.Bruce ConnCalifornia Equity & Loan800-696-0696

Nov 20th 2014

First you need to speak with your loan officer to see what , and why you need to change to lock for 60 days. ARE you doing a construction loan? delays in closing ? linda

Nov 20th 2014

Costs can vary depending on the lender you are working with as well as the loan amount. Contact your lender for an exact figure.

Nov 20th 2014

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