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Would i be able to take out a jumbo loan for an investment property

By valaria.sumner3248518 from CA Mar 25th 2014

Short answer is yes, as long as your income, credit and assets allow, but more info would be needed. Are you a current landlord with rental history? You would need to be a homeowner to purchase investment using proposed rental income. Give me a call, I am in California and would like to help answer any questions you have.

Mar 25th 2014

Jumbo loans are certainly available for investment properties but have very specific credit and down payment requirements. I would be glad to help you with your Jumbo loan...please feel free to call at any time. Steve Patton (949)734-7307

Mar 25th 2014

Assuming you are otherwise qualified, absolutely. Guidelines will likely be a little tighter and you will probably have to put more down, but investment jumbo loans are certainly available.

Mar 25th 2014

Yes. Many factors need to be considered, however.

Mar 25th 2014

Yes Guidelines for a jumbo investment are going to be a lot tighter than what you may have been used to on previous financing if this is your first time in the jumbo rodeo. the big banks have great jumbo rates but are very restrictive on credit, income and down payment.

Mar 25th 2014

Yes you can. We have some portfolio products that you might really like with a minimum 20% down. Please give me a call at 949 500-6927Thanks

Mar 25th 2014

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