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Recent Questions

how to get a lower rate on pmi?
by liomama7846463

with my down payment size i cannot avoid altogether. is there a way to get it lower, though? thanks

6 answers
9 hours ago
Spouse's bad credit impact on buying a home
by harry29er429

I am interested in purchasing a home in California and have perfect credit and have owned homes for about 19 years. Since my last home purchase I have married and since sold the home. My wife filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and settled everything before we were married. I...

3 answers
by dever.jobeth902


1 answers
Can you refi for cash out after CH 7 bankruptcy is 4 years old?
by vicki.gil195

trying to refi for cash out it's been 4years after ch 7 and they are telling me it needs to be 7 years. can't find anywhere where it says 7 it all says 4. please clarify. thank you

1 answers
What are the major differences between Residential Mortgage Servicing an...
by sashi.dappili644
This question has not yet been answered.
is there a fee added to your rate if you have a cosigner?
by cindy.cindymbuff504
This question has not yet been answered.
2 days ago
Refinance Mortgage
by foxiediggs447

I want to refinance my mortgage for a lower interest rate. I don't want to pull any money out of equity. How do banks. Loans companies come up with the closing cost?

3 answers
2 days ago
Hello I can,t seem to find ONE place to compare new construction loan r...
by pilotneil386

FYI lost my home in Hurricane Sandy and need about $600,000.00

1 answers
4 days ago
the bank asked me to write a fraudent letter stateing i do not pay rent ...
by elizebethfrechette699

I was wondering if I could get out of it by telling the truth and saying I do infact owe two months rent . and there for get out of buying the house

2 answers
5 days ago
Is it smart to pay 1100. for a lawyer to oversee a foreclosure sale in F...
by jablessdrs20

Do I need the added expense of an attorney? A friend of mine bought a foreclosure in the same place without one. The asking price is 244,900. Thanks.

This question has not yet been answered.
5 days ago
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