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Recent Questions

USDA Loans
by agervera0902107

Hello, I am wondering is there 100% financing loan for raw rural land, with no structure on it. I am currently looking into land for a future home site and the price is right i'm fine getting approved for a loan, however the down payment required is a problem. Thanks,...

1 answers
still paying mortgage on house destroyed by Katrina
by gojulius536

I'm paying mortgage on a house that was destroyed by Katrina. Mortgage is on a none existing building. Wells Fargo is not responding when I asked for relieve. Is there a way to get the mortgage nullified?? Regards Vanessa Goeschl

3 answers
2 days ago
dissolution of joint mortgage pre-divorce
by amilayah784236501

my divorce is taking forever to finalize. can i get her off the mortgage beforehand? please tell me if legal action would be needed especially

3 answers
2 days ago
How do I apply for a FHA Title 1 Home Loan for a remodel project of 25k ...
by angelaholm726

How do I apply for a FHA Title 1 Home Loan for a remodel project of 25k in Oakland, CA?

1 answers
2 days ago
Reverse morgage 2015
by Nanahewitt43

What kind of changes might we see? Will the fFeds bring on more restrictions and higher cost.

2 answers
3 days ago
Reverse mortages for 2015
by Nanahewitt43
4 answers
3 days ago
my servicer will not release an insurance paymet from hurricane Wilma
by capteddie397

I have written several times to my servicer [via a QWR] to release the insurance proceeds from my Florida home damage from Wilma, which was Octobrer 2005. The amount is $7264. They never respond, so to whom can I report this matter to in Florida? The servicer tells me...

1 answers
4 days ago
Getting approved
by dnguyen514725

I wanted to know if my spouse has a credit score of 720 and my credit score is 680 would we be approved for a 200K loan. We are planning to buy off my parents house(which is a family purchase) and the remaining balance is roughly 60K... the rest of the money we would like to use...

4 answers
4 days ago
i want to refi now even tho home purchased recently in april
by brioche78964266

worth it for the lower rate? my princip and interest payment isnt killing me but the rates i'm seeing now are much better than what i have. i have never refid before please offer advice

2 answers
4 days ago
i was denied modification on investment property because I was not in de...
by reademe185
This question has not yet been answered.
8 days ago
Can I be removed from the CAIVRS list if I was a part of the settlement ...
by mjewell509

I am being denied a new FHA loan because I am on the list, but I was forced to foreclose on my home by Wells Fargo Bank after attempting for a long time to acquire modification. As a result I lost my home in 2011 and then was awarded payment through this settlement due to the...

1 answers
9 days ago
I have been denied a modification under HAMP because of a broken plan ov...
by rpmcda032818

I have been fighting with my mortgage servicing company for seven years now. I am willing to pay and modify the loan however they keep giving me an inside approval for a modification at a price I can't afford. I was approved over a year ago for HAMP with an affordable...

This question has not yet been answered.
10 days ago
We got the final approval thank you guys for the support and thank you B...
by coryamill388
This question has not yet been answered.
11 days ago
purchasing a house when 1 hasn't sold
by kimd326740

hello I currently own my home that I would like to sell I found a home that is perfect and I love but im not sure what happens if I don't sell my first home I own it outright and the difference between the price of the home I wish to purchase and the home I own would be less than...

5 answers
11 days ago
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