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Recent Questions

Can I sue my lender???
by aarpco449

Call me.

This question has not yet been answered.
2 hours ago
I need a lawyer in the state of N.J.( south west) at the end of the tur...
by aarpco449

Over a year ago a 10 year note came due on my house. They will not modify or negotiate. It's been transferred a few times.

1 answers
9 hours ago
What are the Risks of using a Gift Letter?
by kmjazi7613

A family member pays off a mortgage on a condo to reduce the debt/income ratio for purpose of qualifying for a loan for a new house. The actual down payment and closing costs funds are fully covered by the hard earned money of the person applying for the loan. The only...

1 answers
Loan Offer
by david.moyesfinancial0748

Are you seeking for financial assistance of any kind? We are a private loan firm that provides all types of loan/funding for all those whodesire for financial aid. If interested please give us a feedback with loan amount needed and purpose for loan as well as...

This question has not yet been answered.
5 days ago
I have an in home occupation
by lindjim109

Can I get a reverse mortgage if I have an in home occupation

This question has not yet been answered.
7 days ago
How long does a cash out refinance take to process?
by elflauta210

It's been a month and all we have done is fill out a few papers and send in documents. We did have to drop all disputes from the credit reports, but that has been done. No appraisal yet. I hardly ever get a call or e-mail from my broker. Is no news good news? I assume that they are...

4 answers
9 days ago
nationstar mortgage misapplied payments, returned my payment to my bank...
by jdeborahlynn135

Nationstar got my mortgage from bank of am in july 2013. in march 2015 they sent a letter stating that I was 8 months behind and they returned my march payment. I sent them the history of my payments since I have been with them. they stated I missed 8 payments in 2013 with...

4 answers
10 days ago
Harp loan
by Tony_lirette718

My sister has a harp loan through Wells Fargo. It will shortly adjust upward in the near future. Can you refinance the harp loan into a more conventional loan? The harp is a first loan and there is no second.

1 answers
16 days ago
I was denied a modification can I call Fannie Mae or Freddie mack would ...
by rgrant1031493
This question has not yet been answered.
16 days ago
When will you be qualified for a mortgage refinancing after loan modific...
by Anaza5r17517

Hi! Will I still be able to refinance after loan modification through either FHA or Any government modification program? I have a rare case with my Lender in terms of what they say we owe when in fact that we were never behind on our monthly dues. This problem occurred...

1 answers
18 days ago
If I were to steamline my existing FHA , would the time that I am requir...
by Wjvsr17

Current bal $177000 / original bal $189000 Interest rate is at 4.75 / 30yr fixedOrigination of loan January 2011Appraisal at origination $210000

2 answers
21 days ago
feel free to give me a call at 919 655 5461
by jb259
This question has not yet been answered.
22 days ago
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