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Recent Questions

a short sale house with some issues
by ronniec0016843

I am interested in a short sale home, just recently found out there are some permit issues with it, one being there is a unpermitted garage conversion the door is still there it states can be easily converted back, although there is some questionable electric work...

3 answers
10 hours ago
How long must I wait to refinance. I need renovations
by pmclark5272604

Closing loan on 10-10-14. Have FHA 4.7%. My loan amount is $238,000. The townhouse sold for $250,000 and the appraisal came in at $255,000. The home was built in 1978 and needs some minor rennovations, flooring, painting, etc. I will have about $8,000 left in my savings...

1 answers
11 hours ago
what about the permit issues, that's my main concern will fha allow me t...
by ronniec0016843
This question has not yet been answered.
11 hours ago
What co.will write loans in ga with a s ore of 594
by Timyeager127

I am FHA approved and when my broker went to lock the loan he then found out that sun west was not able to write loans in ga due to a license issue and they don't know when it will be opened back up. My debt to income is great. We put a contract on a house and already paid Ernest...

This question has not yet been answered.
19 hours ago
what if there is issues with permits, and wood rot
by ronniec0016843

Hi I have a question there is a house im interested the realtor tells me there is some wood rot on parts of trim of the house, and there are some permit issues with the pool and fence, and also a garage conversion will fha approve the loan on this house?

11 answers
financing second property then having daughter move in?
by kano_loa84623381

should i get this financed as second property or invesment? my daughter will be paying rent to me equal to half the mortgage while she's in graduate school in an area i happened to always want to buy. i will not be making any profit off of her though. whats best here

3 answers
How do I get a US mortgage?
by poshdiva493

I am a UK resident and based in the UK. I need to find out how I can obtain a US mortgage. Please advise.

2 answers
Did not qualify for gov modifications then Nationstar said home equity l...
by doris_doty450

Valuation of home is $221,000. Accrued $68,000 in overdue interest an $8k in unpaid escrow. NS will not accept payment which I can manage now that I am on my feet. Considering bankruptcy to keep home. Is $68k secured? And can it be discharged during bankruptcy. I owe $175,...

1 answers
3 days ago
Can you do a cash out mortgage on a manufactured home in texas? The home...
by darylcpeery460

Credit in the mid 6's, income is 4,000 month net, debt is around 40,000 which includes both my vehicles. The money would be used to consolidate debt.

5 answers
5 days ago
5/5 ARM interest rate changes versus 5/1ARM
by gpbrovont647

Does a 5/5 ARM correlate in lock step interest rate changes with a 5/1 ARM? In other words, will the index basis be identical 60 months out or would one or the other change more/less, and the borrower could have a different reset index? On the surface, it would appear...

3 answers
6 days ago
5/5 Arm based mortgage
by gpbrovont647

Over a 60 month time, would it change faster or slower than a 5/1 Arm? Is there a way of understanding the forecast rate for a 5/5 Arm, 60 months out?

3 answers
6 days ago
do i need to have plans from contractor before getting 203k preapproval?
by yuripark78962476

would like to get preapprogved asap but contractor planning moving slow. pleas advise for proper steps and paperwork needed. hopefully i can get preapproved without waiting on contract. whatever can be done thats fastest

2 answers
6 days ago
Foreign National Needs Financing
by mcarbo426

I have a friend who is a native of Argentina, currently residing in Buenos Aires. They are looking to buy a condo in our area, (south Florida), for an investment to be used as a rental. They're legit: she is a doctor and he manages her office and business. They have approx....

7 answers
8 days ago
Closing cost
by Meestra796

How much is my closing for 195,000 in fairfield california

This question has not yet been answered.
9 days ago
what is the website for me to look up my pay stub?
by chi6010688992
This question has not yet been answered.
10 days ago
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