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Recent Questions

Is signing for a streamline refinance loan at my home legit?
by idnino1120738

I have been working on getting a streamline refinance loan through my current mortgage company. I finally got approved but they have offered for the signing to take place in my home. Is this legit? I checked with the BBB and the lender has an A+ rating. Is this common...

1 answers
3 days ago
I don't want to sell but being forced to
by mbarnettky44411

I signed a contract a couple days ago to sell but changed my mind now the buyer is bullying me and is threatening to sue I want to keep my home it's all I have just looking for help on that thanks

4 answers
9 days ago
can i get an fha loan on a modular home to be placed on property that I ...
by darkpreston966

I have a 10 acre piece of land with a 1000 sq ft house on it. I moved out of it and bought another house because i needed more space for my growing family. My family is now outgrowing our second house. I have been renting the 10 acre house and want to know if I can get an FHA refi or...

1 answers
11 days ago
by tonybikowski861

Can I have a first trust heloc, and then a second trust heloc as well.

This question has not yet been answered.
19 days ago
can you use the security deposit monies to pay out the earnest monies or...
by phoenixwholesale1158

I know you have to have an account for security deposits that have been paid to you by the tenants before you can sell a property. My question is if the owner will carry you and you don't plan on selling the property any time soon, can you pay him the earnest monies from the...

2 answers
20 days ago
Wells Fargo mortgage modifiation
by dbranco1582

My daughter's husband left her in Nov. 2013..She fell behind in mtg. pymts. Tried to re-modify 2x, was denied both, with very vague reason. "Does not qualify for any programs".We the went to local HUD counselor who said "denial letter doesn't even show that they tried any...

2 answers
24 days ago
Legality of delayed GFE
by g.spalek561

I was dealing with Ditech on two refi loans. They gave me a good rate and credits of $2k back. Did appraisals and they came at $729k which above my stated value. My LTV was below 60%. Instead of my declared value of $720K, they put an inflated value of $950k on the application....

6 answers
Apr 21st 2015
Refinance or Home equity loan
by loverbun53539

I have equity in my home, I tried to get a refinance but was turned down. So I applied for a home equity loan and also turned downed because of my credit score of 657. I truly need money from my equity to repair my roof, what can I do?

4 answers
Apr 21st 2015
That sounds like a legal question you should really consult an attorney
by speedlad501
This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 20th 2015
purchase date on April 22 daline
by carlos1951121

The seller does not want to give us a extention date of 5 days more after April 22 to complete the purchase of the house.the contract is good until April 22 midnight.can we be sued for imcompletion Of the contract?thanks

This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 20th 2015
Can I sue my lender???
by aarpco449

Call me.

1 answers
Apr 18th 2015
I need a lawyer in the state of N.J.( south west) at the end of the tur...
by aarpco449

Over a year ago a 10 year note came due on my house. They will not modify or negotiate. It's been transferred a few times.

1 answers
Apr 18th 2015
What are the Risks of using a Gift Letter?
by kmjazi7613

A family member pays off a mortgage on a condo to reduce the debt/income ratio for purpose of qualifying for a loan for a new house. The actual down payment and closing costs funds are fully covered by the hard earned money of the person applying for the loan. The only...

1 answers
Apr 17th 2015
Loan Offer
by david.moyesfinancial0748

Are you seeking for financial assistance of any kind? We are a private loan firm that provides all types of loan/funding for all those whodesire for financial aid. If interested please give us a feedback with loan amount needed and purpose for loan as well as...

This question has not yet been answered.
Apr 13th 2015
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