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Recent Questions

Depending on your current situation. Give us a call to discuss the diffe...
by trglassman211
This question has not yet been answered.
2 days ago
Loan modification help
by lkbrown461734

I'm working with Wells Fargo on a loan modification. After months of faxing paperwork back and forth I received a letter for a trail period to pay 3 months, Oct, Nov and Dec of 2014. I did that. Prior to making the 3 on-time payments, I was 4 months behind. After agreeing to...

2 answers
4 days ago
Can you refinance loan from husband into wifes name if she has no job. R...
by mislilwolfz377

Refinance the loan out of husbands name into wifes name only.

4 answers
4 days ago
Are we obligated to finish the process of refinancing with the first ban...
by laurieabrooks2121

I located a bank online through Zillow that stated zero closing costs or next to nothing costs. I was interested in the inexpensive closing cost aspect they advertised, but in fact found out that they are not cheap at all. The interest rate and APR are good though(if we...

5 answers
11 days ago
Does Texas law require that lenders pay interest on insurance proceeds w...
by polgue412

My home had hail damage in June 2014. My Germania Insurance was very efficient and prompt to pay the claim for damage to be repaired. I am definitely current on my mortgage payments. Because the amount exceeded $15,000, Bank of America (the lender) held the total...

2 answers
11 days ago
Does the interest rate for the 555 with 30yr fixed term on a multi-use b...
by rpitpug874

what are the best rated term mortgages for a residential/commercial building out on market today??? thank you

2 answers
11 days ago
could I get a mortgage for a rural house without central heating
by woc1195532

i'm at woc1195@embarqmail.com 2525272240

1 answers
15 days ago
How do interest rates affect the number of buyers nationally?
by bbinspections289

I read an article some time back that said for each ___% rise in rates, ____ number of first time buyers would be knocked out of the market. I can not find that article but would like to know the numbers. Do you have any idea where that info can be found? Thanks

This question has not yet been answered.
16 days ago
should i refi?
by mark.pittoni354

would like to reduce my monthly payment to stay out of annual debt hole. original loan = $235k at 4.5% starting 8/2005, currently down to $193. might be able to get 4% for 30mo. and reduce payment by almost $300/mo. people are tellilng me not to due to 'short-term gain,...

2 answers
16 days ago
is 7 years the longest fixed period available for an ARM?
by nolenlaure6754789242

i'm relocating for a job contract that's exactly 8 years so i'm trying to find out how to keep the payment as low as possible for that time. thinking ARM is the best way to go but i'm nervous about how much rates could be up that last year and drain me right before i have to...

4 answers
17 days ago
why does homes loans cost so much
by iwilllistentoyou177
2 answers
20 days ago
5/1 ARM from 2011
by dawcor374

We refinanced our home into a 5/1 adjustable rate FHA ARM January 2011, rate 3.625 and ARM becomes effect Jan 2016. It cannot go up by more than 1 percentage point per year. We currently owe $217k on this loan. We chose the ARM because we expected to sell our house and move...

4 answers
21 days ago
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