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Recent Questions

I'm doing a simple refinance, the lender wants documentaion my disabilty...
by pep4100431

I'm in process of a simple refi to lower my interest rate and monthly payment. I have been on social security disability since 1997 (I lived in NJ at the time) In 2007 while still on social security disability--I purchased a home and moved to NC-- 2015 my disability...

1 answers
What's the process, to buy a reversed mortgage home which was once my mo...
by stepany711726
This question has not yet been answered.
6 days ago
Are Mobile Homes allowed to be finance via the RD Program?
by joybrown-square859
This question has not yet been answered.
6 days ago
My mortgage was recently paid off via force placed insurance. What docum...
by itsvicthechic685

Am I entitled to details regarding the payoff and what becomes of the money I had in my escrow account?

2 answers
6 days ago
I have seen it refunded at closing with a VA loan when the costs are cov...
by korene710
This question has not yet been answered.
14 days ago
If the closing date isn't met can I raise the price
by chriscustomwelding781
1 answers
22 days ago
if my closing date stated in contract can I raise the price
by chriscustomwelding781
This question has not yet been answered.
22 days ago
Seller is asking to remove contingency, Subject to appraisal.
by debora.l.thompson585

I've made an offer on a house and the seller is asking to remove the contingency subject to appraisal. My realtor says the house should appraise for the value offered. Should I remove the contingency from the offer?

1 answers
22 days ago
can an hoa payoff your mortgage without your knowledge
by aurora22765941

i owe past hoa fees and they have filed a lis. now I am being told that the hoa is looking into paying off the remainder of my mortgage (which is up to date)

3 answers
23 days ago
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