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Recent Questions

by Kevin Benner
This question has not yet been answered.
Nov 22nd 2017
Don't have ssn is possible to buy a house?
by Buritica52472
2 answers
Sep 23rd 2015
Email me at trglassman@gmail.com
by trglassman211
1 answers
Sep 22nd 2015
I would like to get a Harp loan, but I don't have a mortage, I have a ho...
by phyllisrackliffe842

I would like to refinance at a lower interest rate, but I can't .

4 answers
Sep 17th 2015
can i get a mortgage without social security, i only have the ITIN numbe...
by juanjo8330247

can i get a mortgage without social security. i only have the ITIN number i live in greenville sc

2 answers
Sep 9th 2015
Can I get out of a home purchase contract if I find out the contract con...
by titiyady310

my sister is selling her house for less than the appraised price, however, the borrower is wanting for her to claim that she is selling it for the actual appraised price.The broker is also willing to state that the difference in price is a "gift". > When she signed the...

5 answers
Aug 19th 2015
I am married to a foreign spouse. I am applying for FHA. Why they still ...
by Martin88jose429

I read your article http://library.hsh.com/articles/government-programs/fha-foreign-national-loans/My spouse is not a lawful US resident just yet bevause we just got married this year. Which means she does not have a social nor an ITIN because it is...

4 answers
Aug 7th 2015
revers mortgage principle almost upside down...
by castio2002735

Revers mortgage original principal of loan plus growth: 324,993.76 - Outstanding principle balance, current : 306,782.95 = current net loan principle: 18,210.73.At the rate of about 640.00 monthly for, 1)Servicing fee, 2)Monthly interestand, 3)Mortgage...

1 answers
Jul 25th 2015
Double wide home
by Elizabeth.ladehoff962

Will Harp finance double wide home?

This question has not yet been answered.
Jul 17th 2015
Picking a Lender for a Condo
by pb845

Who is the most active condo lender in New York City?

2 answers
Jul 14th 2015
$5k in 6th year of modification
by dawnmpotts861

I saw this on your website: December 2014: The Treasury and HUD announce all homeowners in HAMP will be eligible to earn an additional $5,000 in their sixth year of modificationHow do I collect??

1 answers
Jul 9th 2015
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