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Recent Questions

Will student loans help me get a mortgage or not - had two conflicting a...
by user9438980773

I've been paying my masters loan off going on 3 years and still have time to go. However, my payments are very reasonable thanks to my field of study. My DTI is at 29%. I'm shopping for realtors and one said she won't even work with me until I can prove a lender will take me...

6 answers
unusually high pmi rate?
by jenn.mills873498320

I am closing on a $520k purchase. I can put 8% down with a fico of 730. My pmi was quoted at 0.94%. Little high??

7 answers
i received a cut to my pay and am concerned about my loan application
by greg78farber738726

i have not started working with a lender yet but i don't know how well something like this will go. what is the protocol? i did not get demoted, the company is just struggling. as a result i am also looking around for better opportunities. should i wait to even consider...

2 answers
2 days ago
New York Lenders doing Construction to Permanent Financing
by margento727

4 acres - looking to build new home. What lenders do construction to perm financing in Long Island North Shore Nassau County.

3 answers
3 days ago
I have a rental property I can no longer afford - what can I do given th...
by willsinlansing2394798993

Can I just raise rent given my area (Lansing)?

3 answers
3 days ago
no wading period mortgage
by dotcomlifestyle23553

no wading period mortgage

2 answers
5 days ago
Bankruptcy including mortgage in 2010 - qualification possible with bigg...
by reggie_white28409903

Filed bankruptcy in 2010. Credit score is about 660 and income about $55,000. I have no outstanding debts. What are my chances with a 20% down payment? Could I get away with 15% down?

7 answers
6 days ago
Foreclosure during loan mod because of 1 month default? Pleas help
by hanover34001493

Getting a loan mod but behind on payments going on 2 months. We've completed all required paperwork etc and are just waiting at this point, but got Notice of Default from our lender just today stating we have to pay for the missing time in two weeks. We just can't afford...

3 answers
7 days ago
LTV needed to refi?
by curdmank89759865

I am hoping to do an FHA cashout and am at 87%

5 answers
7 days ago
Will DTI calcs go down with a coborrower?
by lorenallman8743783
6 answers
8 days ago
is it easier for fam coming from canada to get a foreign national loan o...
by edcrouston4989516

i'm sure i'd qualify but i don't know how easy/difficult the transfer process is and for which programs. my brother (in canada) would undoubtedly qualify too but wants to know what would get him a better rate and i have no idea

5 answers
8 days ago
do multi-unit properties need 80/20 mortgages?
by 2luvmozart98890540

are there available mortgages for 10% down, and do you have a way to estimate the rates with a 720 credit score

3 answers
9 days ago
What's the minimum income needed for fha?
by oggielewis784329560

Don't have enough to put 20% down for conventional. Also, is property tax and PMI tax deductible to your knowledge?

5 answers
9 days ago
FHA Loan Mortgage Insurance Premium
by rramos3714

I heard now regardless how much down payment you put down on a FHA loan you will have to pay MIP. Is this true? If It is how can you remove the MIP? And when did rule take effect?

3 answers
10 days ago
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