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Recent Questions

what is PMI?
by houwenzhou1264125
1 answers
42 minutes ago
How do you find lenders who are willing to refinance you when your mortg...
by wed1201971

We have been tossed from mortgage service company to another. We are more than 24 months behind so we don't qualify for the government programs. We are in New Jersey.

1 answers
"underwater" mortgage
by rogersrm222819

Need to downsize home (3020sqft, 4bdrm) and gear up for retirement (57y/o). Have relatively $0 in savings, however $47k in 403B and $27K in 401. I am current with mortgage ($480K) and all of creditors, including kids student loans. Credit score is upper 700 range....

3 answers
Obtaining a mortgage if unemployed but significant savings and large dow...
by mnny836

I have a question about obtaining a mortgage. Bad news is that I was laid off from my job and am currently unemployed. Good news is that I have a stock portfolio that is slightly over a million dollars. In addition, I have no debt, my credit card bills are always paid on time...

1 answers
3 days ago
PLEASE HELP - Inherited Property
by uphrates06583

I have 2 challenges. PLEASE HELP!1st---My wife's mom just passed. She would like to upgrade the home she inherited. It's a beautiful property in Beverly Hills, Chicago. The deed has not been transferred yet, but we will likely draft the deed in her name along with her 2...

2 answers
3 days ago
Is there a way to remove my father's name from my mortgage and add mine ...
by diva_d_thats_me896

Seven years ago, I had gone thru a divorce, which had a negative impact on my credit, also my name was still on a previous mortgage that my ex and I had together (my ex kept this home). These things prevented me from qualifying for another loan, so my father financed my...

2 answers
4 days ago
how to get a lower rate on pmi?
by liomama7846463

with my down payment size i cannot avoid altogether. is there a way to get it lower, though? thanks

6 answers
6 days ago
Spouse's bad credit impact on buying a home
by harry29er429

I am interested in purchasing a home in California and have perfect credit and have owned homes for about 19 years. Since my last home purchase I have married and since sold the home. My wife filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and settled everything before we were married. I...

3 answers
7 days ago
by dever.jobeth902


1 answers
7 days ago
Can you refi for cash out after CH 7 bankruptcy is 4 years old?
by vicki.gil195

trying to refi for cash out it's been 4years after ch 7 and they are telling me it needs to be 7 years. can't find anywhere where it says 7 it all says 4. please clarify. thank you

1 answers
7 days ago
What are the major differences between Residential Mortgage Servicing an...
by sashi.dappili644
This question has not yet been answered.
7 days ago
is there a fee added to your rate if you have a cosigner?
by cindy.cindymbuff504
This question has not yet been answered.
8 days ago
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